Corporation details - Elitist Fight Club [PROFC]
Alliance: Fear The Deer CEO: Elite Pixels
Kills: 1 HQ: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Losses: 0 Members: 14
ISK destroyed: 0.29B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website: http://
“What doesn't KILL YOU Makes you stronger.”
CEO: Elite Pixels
Recruitment status

We are a pure PVP corp and interested in pilots who do not mind going against the mainstream.

We have good leadership, and experienced fighter pilots who engage in PvP on a daily basis.

What We Offer:
» Covert ops orientated PvP (Blackops hotdrops, covert roams, etc)
» Low and null sec PvP (Roams, gatecamps, etc).
» Experienced PvPers and FCs.

What We Want From You:
» Active PvP pilots willing to fight or learn.
.» The ability to fly a conventional combat ship for regular roaming ops.

Public Channel: [PROFC]
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Infernal Octopus
Aridia, Soliara (0.2)
I: 1 C: 0
10 Most recent losses

No data.